Heading to Naoki's studio is always a delight, as I cherish the scenic drive to the coastal town of Amakusa.

Upon arrival, Sachi, Naoki's wife, greeted me warmly with a steaming bowl of Matcha served in one of Naoki's exquisite pieces. The slight chill in the air made the hot Matcha especially comforting after the long journey.

The vibrant green of the Matcha beautifully complemented the ocean blue glaze, creating a stunning color contrast that I truly enjoyed.

Although Naoki couldn't produce enough pieces for Yoka this time, I remain patient, knowing that more of his creations will come my way. Despite this, we shared a peaceful moment together, enjoying the delicious Matcha from Naoki's special bowls.

During my buying trips, the days can get pretty hectic with long drives, but this peaceful moment was a nice break from all the hustle and bustle. Fingers crossed that Naoki will create more pieces for Yoka next year!



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