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A journey to the ocean town Amakusa - Yamanokuchi Kiln


I visited Yasuo's studio in the spring of 2021, marking my first visit before launching my business. During our conversation, I shared my aspirations of starting an online business focused on showcasing handcrafted products representing our hometown.

Yasuo recounted his journey of honing his craft, drawing from his early experiences and eventually establishing his kiln following years of apprenticeship at a local ceramic company, inspired by his grandfather.

His words of encouragement and belief in my abilities really pushed me to dive into starting my own business venture - turning ideas into reality!. Not only did he graciously allow me to sell his products, but we also established a continuous dialogue, occasionally collaborating on custom pieces.

Yasuo always creates such a variety of unique products! Every time I stop by his workshop, I discover new pieces that really catch my eye and make me excited to bring them back to Yoka.

Yasuo hand-mixes the glaze, believing touch enhances his understanding of its texture. He burns local wooden logs in his fireplace, using all the ashes in his glaze mixture.

Among the many artworks crafted by Yasuo, my ultimate favorite is the "Kawaura" series.The term "Kawa" represents the river, and "Ura" brings the idea of being behind or beside a place. Yasuo collects natural soil from the nearby riverbanks and blends it with his usual pottery materials.

Due to the nature of the material used, it's always a surprise for him as he never knows how the vessels will turn out from the kiln. The presence of tiny pebbles, roots, etc., in the material makes it prone to cracking during the kiln process. Achieving perfection is challenging, yet he finds joy in crafting the "Kawaura" series.


Yasuo's wife owns a charming cafe conveniently located next to his studio! It's the ideal place to unwind, savor freshly brewed coffee and her delicious dishes, all while admiring the exquisite pottery showcased there.

During the trip, I've been well nourished. Yasuo's wife prepared delicious homemade cakes and coffee. I always savor the flavors.

All of the craftspeople has cats I believe....

Experience the sweet personality shining through each of Yasuo's pottery creations. I hope you find as much joy in Yasuo's artwork as I do!

Born in 1972, Yasuo Tsujiguchi is the third generation of Yamanokuchi Kiln. Before his grandfather began his own kiln, he spent decades improving his craft at a legendary ceramic company in the Amakusa area. Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Tsujiguchi started his career at the same ceramic company. After gaining valuable experience there, he returned to his family kiln to carry on the family business.