We headed from the mountains to the oceans! Japan may be small, but I always feel like there are countless spots to explore on Kyushu Island. I visited Naoki's studio with my sister this time. Although it was a long drive, we had a great time catching up during the journey.

Ayoo Pottery was founded by Naoki Kanazawa, the youngest son of the renowned Kanazawa family, known for their legendary kiln in Amakusa town.

Naoki and his lovely wife Sachi warmly welcomed us!

Naoki shares the pottery stone with me. It's the raw and natural material to craft porcelain for pottery.


The collection of stones and seashells gathered from the nearby beach in Amakusa.

Naoki and Sachi love strolling along the local beach, where Naoki finds inspiration for his products and their titles. I am a huge fan of the unique titles on each item, like "Still Sleepy" and "Catch the Wave" mug etc.

I can see the reflection of the stunning nearby ocean in every product that Naoki creates.

On a toasty July day, the temperature went up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity. The iced tea and hand-picked frozen blueberries were incredibly refreshing!

The view from the second floor looking down to the workshop below... I enjoyed the creative atmosphere.

As our visit neared its end, Sachi kindly shared her homemade miso paste, a flavorful addition to my miso soup afterwards! 



Naoki Kanazawa was born in 1989 as the son of Kazuhiro Kanazawa, the legendary ceramicist of Maruo kiln. Naoki is the 6th generation of the ceramic family. It was only natural for him to follow in his family's footsteps and start his own kiln in 2008. Naoki enjoys experimenting with over 10 different iron-based ingredients to create unique glazes. Each piece reveals a surprise, influenced by climate, temperature, and seasons, making every kiln opening an exciting moment for Naoki. Inspired by the local ocean, nature, and land, Naoki passionately crafts his products.

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