Yuko Shige Porcelain - Small Cup, Straight


Truly one-of-a-kind piece by Yuko Shige in Amakusa, Japan.

Each piece is handmade and varies slightly, making each piece unique.

  • Approximate measurement: 3 1/8" diameter x 2 1/2"H
  • Capacity: 3/4 US cup
  • Material: porcelain, gold 
  • Care instruction:  Food safe, hand wash only, not oven nor microwave safe 
  • * The gold glaze is not safe for microwave use!


Story:My first encounter with Yuko Shige's porcelain creations was purely by chance, about a decade ago, in a local shop nestled in my hometown, Kumamoto. What struck me was not just the craftsmanship but the artistry inherent in each piece. Yuko's works stand out for their distinctive style—it's not merely pottery; it's art in its purest form.

Yuko draws inspiration from the natural beauty, the essence of the air, and the everyday ambiance of her native Amakusa, Kumamoto, Japan. Her ability to capture and convey this essence through her work is remarkable. The first time I saw her work, I was captivated by the intricate, beautifully colored designs adorning the pristine white porcelain. I was compelled to purchase several pieces on the spot. Since then, I've been eager to showcase her work, although her rising popularity in Japan has made her pieces harder to find in Kumamoto.

Yuko Shige was born in 1986 and embarked on her artistic journey after graduating from Kurashiki Art School in 2008. She honed her craft at the legendary Maruo Kiln in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Launching her own line in 2012, Yuko has since been crafting unique pieces, drawing inspiration from the nature of her day-to-day life, creating something truly unique.