Yotsume Dye House - Noren Curtain "Plum Blossoms" 2 panels


Stencil dyed Noren curtains by Toyokazu Ono - a second generation artisan of Katazome company. 

Story of plum blossoms pattern:

"Despite the chill in the air, the plum blossoms bloom earlier than any other plant. I look forward to seeing the plum blossoms every year, and every time I admire them, I attempt to capture their beauty with my pencil. Throughout history, plum blossoms have inspired countless artists, and I too am driven to create art with this timeless motif.” 

 -by Toyokazu Ono

  • 100% hemp
  • Approximate measurements: 27"W x 40"L
  • Stencil dyed
  • Care instruction: Taking a gentle approach is always best. This exquisite material is vulnerable to friction, so avoid rubbing it or throwing it in the washing machine. If you notice a small stain, simply pat the area with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. For bigger messes, fill up the bathtub with enough water to soak the Noren, add a neutral detergent, and wash gently before hanging it up to dry. Remember, this material should never be bent, as it can damage the materials and compromise its beauty.


Toyokazu Ono, a second-generation artisan of Katazome - the traditional Japanese stencil dye. Born and raised in the dying company, Toyokazu developed a deep passion for his ancestral art form. Drawing out the stencil patterns with a pencil and carving them into paper with a knife - each one painstakingly crafted one by one, with the utmost care and attention to detail. After years of training and practice, Toyokazu decided to forge his own path and, in 2015, moved to Oita prefecture in Kyushu Island with his talented ceramicist wife, Miki. And today, the Ono duo creates fusion textile wonders, blending traditional and modern patterns to produce unique one-of-a-kind products.