Yasuo Fukusaki - Bamboo basket, Flower


Yasuo cuts the bamboo from his neighbor's land, boils the bamboo for a couple days to remove the oil, soak them in the water for a few days, dry and dye them, and finally slice them into strings to start weaving. Yasuo does all of these processes by himself!

Each piece is handmade in Kumamoto, Japan, and varies slightly, making each piece unique.

Care instruction: wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Each item may vary slightly
  • Approximate measurement: 12"~12 1/2"L x 5"~6"W x 8"~8 1/2"H
    • with handle 13"~14"H
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Material: bamboo, wires, nails
  • Care instruction: Wipe with a dry cloth along the grain. 
  • Enjoy it changing color over time. It will get san tanned.
  • Due to natural material, please handle with care. It likes to be in dry places.


Yasuo Fukuzaki was born in 1941 and after working at the city hall of his hometown Tsunagi-town in Kumamoto prefecture for many years he turned to bamboo craftsman. During my business trip, I had the chance to visit Yasuo thanks to my friend in my hometown Kumamoto. My friend wrote a letter to Yasuo to introduce me since he doesn't have an email address nor doesn't take phone calls from strangers.