Takarajima Senkou - Scrap indigo fabric


Scrap indigo dyed fabrics from Takarajima Senkou in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.

Unleash your creativity with these natural dyed fabric pieces - perfect for crafting your own unique masterpiece!

  • Mix it up with every batch - a variety of cut out sizes blended together.
  • Approximate weight of each batch: 12-13 oz

Care instruction:

  • Machine wash cold or hand wash recommended.
  • Hang dry recommended
  • Natural dye, especially indigo, may discolor and stain other clothes for the first few times wearing.


Takarajima Senkou is a small dyeing factory founded by Chiharu Ohgomori in 2001. It is located in a small town in Fukuoka prefecture on Kyushu Island. Takarajima Senkou is dedicated to reviving traditional textile and dyeing skills. They are working hard to make these techniques more accessible for everyone who loves timelessly crafted clothes and products. They offer natural materials combined with handcrafted workmanship that people can feel connected to their heritage through their clothing. Their mission is to bring back long-lasting clothing that celebrates sustainable fashion without sacrificing affordability or quality. The vision at Takarajima Senkou is to ensure that more people can experience and appreciate the timeless beauty of handmade goods. They have respect for tradition and commitment towards environmental sustainability.