Nakadera kiln - Bear ornament


I just love these ceramic animals! Tomonari Nishikawa is the second generation of Nakadera kiln, and he creates unique pieces while keeping their traditional technique.

Check out shiba dogs, camels, and pangolines!

  • Each piece is handmade in Kumamoto, Japan and varies slightly, making each piece unique. 
  • Approximate measurement: 4"L x 2 1/4"W x 2 5/8" H
  • Weight: 8 1/4 oz
  • Material: ceramic
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended, not oven safe 


Nakadera kiln was started in 1991 by Kousei Nishikawa who was born in 1951. Before he started his own kiln he trained himself as a craftsman at Fumoto kiln (one of the historical kilns in the local area) for years. His son, Tomonari is also creating unique works and training to take over the family business in the future. The Nishikawa kiln is located in Arao, Kumamoto. Arao is famous for its historical "Shodai-yaki" area. It has been said that the Shodai-yaki has more than 400 years of history and has a unique ash glaze finish. The Nishikawa family are creating unique works while keeping the traditional Shodai-yaki technique.