Mugihiko Kitagawa - Vegetable Dyed Donabe Pot, B


*More colors and shapes are available. Each piece is unique. Discover the one that speaks to you!

Each piece is handmade by Mugihiko Kitagawa in Aso mountain in Kumamoto Japan. Each piece varies in glaze and size.

Mugihiko's family crafted unique "natural ash glaze" from their farm's organic plants, taking 1-10 years to produce. Each batch's distinct coloration makes every piece uniquely beautiful.

  • Approximate measurement:
    • overall: 10 1/2" W x 6 1/4" H (with lid)
    • 8 3/8" opening diameter
  • Capacity: 6~7 US cups
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended, not oven safe


Mugihiko Kitagawa is the second generation of the ceramicist family. His family started the kiln in the 1980s in Aso mountain in Kumamoto Japan. Aso mountain is an active volcano and the local soil contains a lot of minerals and volcanic ashes. The area is also famous for hot springs and a rich environment for farming culture.

Mugihiko’s family invented the “natural ash glaze” using local organic plants, vegetables and fruits. His family raises those vegetables and fruits on their own farm. It takes about 1-10 years depending on the ingredients just to create the natural ash glazes. Due to the natural resources the color comes out differently each round.

Mugihiko traveled to many countries when he was in his 20s and spent time with the local families in each location. Mugihiko is focusing on hand-kneading using those natural ash glazes to express the simple beauty of nature in Aso mountain while adding some uniqueness from different countries where he traveled.