Magoji Kite - Fan


The special washi paper fans from our favorite, Magoji Kite company! They've crafted some special fans using the same traditional techniques as their kites. Made with bamboo, washi papers, and food coloring, all earth-friendly materials. Grab one of these special fans to bring a lovely breeze to you and your loved ones!

Each piece is handmade and varies slightly, making each piece unique. 

  • Approximate measurement: 17"L x 9.5"W
  • Materialhandmade washi paper, food coloring
  • Do not wash or get wet.


Kite House Magoji, a family-owned kite specialty store in Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka Prefecture has been around since the Meiji era (1868-1912). The first generation Magoji Takeuchi crafted kites as playthings while helping out at his parents' general store. Today, Magoji's grandson Yoshihiro (born in 1943) and his daughter Azusa carry on the tradition of creating beautiful kites. Azusa took over painting duties after her mother held the brush for over four decades. With roots from the Meiji era, this kite house is a living and thriving piece of history.

Nestled near the ocean, Kitakyushu city gets constant winds - the perfect setting for kite flying. With an abundance of bamboo resources in this local area, the kite frames were crafted from this natural material. To ensure the highest quality, artisans used Japanese washi paper - locally made and handcrafted with care. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, they're mindful of the environment with the possibility of their kites flying away.