Kajiya Kiln - Small bowl, Wave


Each piece is handmade by Akio Yonehara in Kumamoto, Japan. The simplicity of his work is easy to match with what you already have.

This hand carved bowl is a perfect piece for salad, soup etc.

  • Each piece is handmade and varies slightly, making each piece unique. 
  • Approximate measurement:  4 1/4" diameter x 2 1/8 " H
  • Material: ceramic
  • Care instruction: not oven safe 


In the middle of the rice field without any signs to find the address, the young ceramicist Akio Yonehara works in the studio in the backyard of his house. Akio had worked at Fumoto kiln (one of the famous ceramic companies in the area) as one of the craftsmen for many years before he started his own kiln in 2015. Akio is creating simple yet beautiful works with local soil.