Issaki kiln - Vase with lid, Tall


Tomokazu Yamaguchi, the second-generation artisan of the Issaki kiln, told me he creates these vases because he feels sad seeing an empty vase. With a flower, the vase looks perfect while the lid sits as a fun sculpture. Without a flower,  the vase transforms into a unique, tall sculpture. How charming are they? Enjoy!

Tomokazu gets inspired by ancient vessels and he mixes the material from the neighboring soil. 

Each may vary slightly in glaze and size.

  • Approximate measurement:
    • overall: 4 3/4" diameter x 12"H (with lid)
    • 3 1/4" opening diameter x 8 1/4"H (without lid)
    • weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended


Tomokazu Yamaguchi is the second generation of the Issaki kiln.The Issaki kiln is located in Arao City in Kumamoto which is known as a ceramic town. This ceramic town specifically is known for “shodai-yaki” which has been said  to have more than 400 years of history. Many ceramic families in this town keep using the traditional technique of shodai-yaki and show the beautiful snow white color from the straw ash glaze.The Yamagushi family owns a rice farm in the neighborhood and their straw ash making begins from farming. The process starts by harvesting rice straws and then burning them to make them into ashes. The ashes are then soaked in water for about six months. The water is changed every day in the process. Tomokazu mixes the soil from the neighboring orange field and mixes with the soil which contains high volumes of iron.