Kiyonaga Bamboo Factory - Bamboo Chopstick sets of 10


Yuta Kiyonaga, a third-generation bamboo processor in Fukuoka prefecture, goes beyond wholesaling raw materials to craft user-friendly chopsticks. His artisans skillfully transform raw bamboo into usable materials, prioritizing the land's well-being through sustainable practices. Every step, from boiling to chopping, is eco-friendly, utilizing every part of the bamboo for local farming and baking.

Sold in bundles of 10 pairs of chopsticks.

Each piece is handmade in Fukuoka, Japan, and varies slightly, making each piece unique.

  • Each item may vary slightly
  • Approximate measurement: 9"L x 1/4" diameter (each stick)
  • Material: bamboo
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended
  • Due to the natural material, appreciate its transformation and growth.