Discover the serenity of Kumamoto with Yoka Good Tea brewing in your cup! Personally, this tea holds a special spot in my childhood memories.When I was planning to start Yoka, I wanted to spread this local, culture-rich brew. I'm so excited to bring this dream to life and share it with you!


Every sip carries a story, a blend of tradition, and the essence of a place. I'm excited to show you to the fields of Aso mountain in Kumamoto, Japan. 

A trip to the tea farming field.

Yoka tea is more than just a drink; it's a reflection of our strong bond with nature. In Kumamoto, our tea fields nurture many ingredients with utmost care and love.

Each leaf and bud is handpicked and carefully selected to ensure the quality in every cup.

During a recent visit to the heart of Yoka tea production, I had a delightful time strolling through a farm where the tea ingredients are raised.A stretch of fields with chamomile flowers reaching up to touch the sky, and I just felt peace all around myself. This is where the story of Yoka tea starts, right under the watchful eyes of the southern Aso mountains. This is the place my parents always brought us to, a view that always takes me to where my heart really belongs!

Meet the Makers: Mr. Miyano and Ms. Kudo

Meeting with the tea company owner, Mr. Miyano, and the sales manager, Ms. Kudo, was an absolute delight! Mr. Miyano, the tea company owner, and Ms. Kudo, the sales manager, graciously invited me to the tea farm. Despite their roles, they hurried from the offices to the fields in their suits. While you might expect an "owner and sales manager" to be desk-bound, these two are hands-on, managing the tea farms and tending to the ingredients they cultivate. They handle everything from tea production to packaging, making their days incredibly busy.


On the way to the fields, a delightful canal leads you through stunning scenery. It had just rained, so the canal water wasn't as clear, but I loved hearing the soothing sounds of water as I strolled towards the tea field.


The 24 unique no-caffeine ingredients, ready to be shared with you! Hope you enjoy the beauty of Kumamoto's natural wonders.






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