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A visit of bamboo craftsman - Yasuo Fukuzaki

A special peek into the world of a master bamboo craftsman, Yasuo Fukuzaki.

During my business trip, I got to meet the bamboo craftsman Yasuo Fukuzaki, all thanks to my friend from my hometown Kumamoto. My friend wrote a letter to introduce me, as Yasuo doesn't use email or take calls from strangers. It was a 6+ hour round trip to visit him. Because of the long drive, I could only see Yasuo that day (I usually try to visit 2-3 craftspeople), but it was totally worth it. I checked out his showroom, studio, and even placed a custom order for a couple of bamboo baskets for Yoka!.

Yasuo's Showroom – A Converted Treasure

Yasuo's showroom is truly a marvel! What was once a convenience store has now blossomed into a space showcasing a delightful variety of bamboo products on shelves that once held groceries.

 As I walked through the showroom, I was amazed by the intricate designs and attention to detail in each piece. From fun-looking hats to carefully woven baskets, his creativity is so delightful to see!

Note: Unfortunately, the hats didn't come home with me, but they definitely added a charming touch to the showroom!

Behind the Scenes – At His Studio


Yasuo used to work at the city hall in his town, where he grew a deep appreciation for bamboo crafts. Surrounded by plenty of bamboo materials, he bravely chose to shift from his job as a salaryman at the city hall to pursue his passion as a craftsman. He devoted himself to mastering the art of bamboo craftsmanship.

Witnessing Yasuo doing what he loves, putting his heart into his craft, was truly special. The process is quite labor-intensive, starting with cutting the bamboos from his lands, then boiling, soaking, drying, and stripping them into thinner pieces before weaving them into the final product.His dedication to his craft truly shows the beauty of hand-made art. He does it all on his own! I can't even picture myself chopping a bamboo at 80 years old!

Every visit is more than just an trip; it's like taking a deeper dive into the heart of craftsmanship. I'm excited to share more stories like this with you and let's keep diving into the fascinating world of cultural artistry together!