Moriyama Kiln - "Chasabi", brown rusty vase, tall


"Chasabi" in Japanese means "brown rust". Enjoy the unique texture on the products. Each piece is handmade by Itaru Moriyama in Amakusa, Japan. Itaru gets inspired by nature and he mixes the material from his backyard soil.

Each vary in glaze and size.

  • Approximate measurement: 4 1/2" W x 7 1/4"H, 1 1/2" opening
  • Care instruction: hand wash only


Itaru Moriyama is a young ceramicist who started his own kiln after years of experience at a legendary ceramic company in the Amakusa area in Japan. During these years, he was making more than 200-250 plates and bowls everyday. Itaru said towards the end of his career at the company, he could make more than 200 pieces of the same bowls with his eyes closed. Everyday felt like 5 mins and that was the time he thought he wanted to start his own kiln and create what he truly wanted. He mixes iron and local soils for his works.