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Collection: Yoka Good Tea

24 kinds of blend tea from Kumamoto Japan! I drank this tea since I was a child.... yes, many years... It's a "good tea"!  A great everyday tea for children and adults. This deep brown tea has toasty but mild flavor.

All the ingredients are from my hometown Kumamoto (except Wolfberry)


Barley, Cassia seed, Corn silk, Job’s tears, Black soybean, Feather-leaved Cassia , Hojicha, Kuma bamboo grass, Wolfberry, Loquat leaves, Licorice tea, Mulberry leaf, Gynostemma leaf, Persimmon leaf, Houttuynia cordata, Gymnema, Sweet potato plant, Psyllium, Horsetail grass, Ginkgo biloba, Lycium leaf, Aloe vera tea, Ground Ivy Herb, Reishi mushroom


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