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Yuta Kiyonaga - Bamboo Chopstick Craftman


The incense master Toshichiro Tsutsumi introduced me to Yuta Kiyonaga, a talented young craftsman who runs a bamboo processing workshop in the local neighborhood. Yuta comes from a long line of artisans, and he is now venturing into selling their exquisite handmade chopsticks directly, moving beyond the traditional wholesale of raw materials.


Soon after a visit to the incense craftsman, explore the Kiyonaga family’s manufacturing facility where skilled artisans craft raw bamboo, sourced locally, into materials ideal for a variety of culinary creations.

It was the weekend, so the craftspeople were taking a break from their hard work. Yuta kindly demonstrated a part of the process involved in making bamboo chopsticks. Although I couldn't record the entire process, it's important that they get some rest!

The lush landscape of our region (Kyushu) is brimming with an abundance of bamboo growth. To maintain the land's health, regular trimming is essential.
The process begins with boiling the bamboo to remove impurities and ends with chopping them into smaller pieces, prepared for distribution to wooden product manufacturers throughout Japan.

Every last scrap of bamboo is utilized, from the discarded remnants that fuel the fires to the shavings that are repurposed in local farming and even baking. This environmentally conscious operation serves as a shining example of sustainable industry at its best.

Yuta Kiyonaga is the third generation of bamboo processing manufacture in the country side of Fukuoka prefecture. Yuta’s passion for bamboo processing doesn't just end with wholesaling raw materials- he's taken it a step further by crafting simple and easy-to-use chopsticks as well. 
His team of skilled artisans work to transform the abundant raw bamboo taken from the surrounding landscapes into usable materials, making sure to maintain the well-being of the land through regular trimming. 
From the boiling of bamboo to the chopping of its smaller pieces, every step in this operation is carefully taken to ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Not a scrap of the bamboo is wasted as even the shavings go towards local farming and baking. 

*Sold in bundles of 10 pairs of chopsticks.