Kakishibu fan

Kakishibu Uchiwa is a persimmon tannin dyed paper fan. There are actually a few well known paper fan manufacturers in my hometown but I decided to pick the one made by the Miyamoto family, and visited their company.



The Miyamoto family’s business had started in the 1920s and currently fourth generation family members are creating fans everyday.

The Miyamoto said they want to focus on creating the fans, but since it is hard to make their living by making fans only, they also take order for copying calendars and business cards for local companies. 

The family kindly showed me how they make the fans. The father attaches washi paper on the bamboo base, the mother applies persimmon tannin, and their daughter-in-law finishes the details.


Persimmon tannin makes the paper stronger and prevents the materials from being eaten by bugs. You will enjoy how it changes color in time!