Fumoto Kiln - Cup, "Sobachoko"


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"Sobachoko" are specialized cups used for dipping sauce with cold soba noodles in Japan. They are perfectly sized for use as tea cups or for serving dipping sauces. Get creative!

  •  Sold separately
  • Each piece is handmade in Kumamoto, Japan and varies slightly, making each piece unique. 
  • Approximate measurement:
    • overall 3 3/4"diameter x 2 7/8"H,
    • capacity: 1 US cup
  • Material: ceramic
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended, not oven safe 

Story: The plates from Fumoto kiln hold a special place in my heart. They were the first plates I purchased for myself in my early 20s, making them truly memorable.

Fumoto kiln was established by Taishu Inoue in 1965, and today, both he and his son Naoyuki continue to create exceptional works. The Inoue family is renowned in the ceramic town of Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture, an area celebrated for "shodai-yaki" ceramics with over 400 years of history. Like other families in this town, they continue to use traditional shodai-yaki techniques, resulting in beautiful snow-white pieces from straw ash glaze.

Currently, all creations are crafted by Naoyuki, who honors their traditional methods while incorporating techniques from 18th-century English slipware. His modern patterns add a unique charm to the dishes, making them a joy to use