Tatami mat - "Kakekawa-ori" Blue, Large


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Kakegawa-ori, a traditional weaving technique originated in Kyushu Japan. Using only the finest quality tatami rush to create its intricate patterns.

The mats are made of "Igusa" plants which are typically used for Japanese tatami mats. Kumamoto is known for the rich environments to grow Igusa plants and there are many farms outside of the city. 

Seiko-en is a facility which has supported people with disabilities since 1967 in Kumamoto, Japan. (It’s more like a school to share and teach the technique and train them to learn how to make their living) 

They use the old machines to weave the mats but sorting each colored straw and finishing up the mats are all processed by hand.

The unique patterns were designed in the 1980s by Mr. Yamauchi who is the founder of the Seiko-en.

*It is a reversible pattern - Enjoy both sides!

*Read more about Seiko-En.

  • Each item may vary slightly
  • Approximate measurement: 69” W x 104” L
  • Care instruction: Vacuum, wipe (with a dry cloth) along the grain. 
  • Enjoy it changing color over time. It will get san tanned.
  • Due to natural material, please handle with care. It likes to be in dry places.