Shibatatoku Shouten - Cedar bento box, mini


Experience the 300-year legacy of Shibata-toku-shouten, in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, where skilled craftsmen continue to create exquisite products. Led by Yoshiko Shibata, the 6th generation of the Shibata family, this traditional craft involves using cedar and cypress wood, delicately sealed with cherry bark.

Every item is stitched together with slender strips of cherry wood bark, eliminating the need for nails.  Each item is exceptionally lightweight and emits a delightful wooden aroma. These wooden container keep rice fluffy even after it cools down and also absorb excess moisture, maintaining the freshness of your food.

Each piece is handmade in Fukuoka, Japan, and varies slightly, making each piece unique.

  • Each item may vary slightly
  • Approximate measurement: 
  • Material: Cedar wood, cherry wood bark 

Care instruction:

  • Gentle hand-washing required. Avoid scrubbing with a hard brush.
  • Wipe and dry well before you store them
  • Not microwave safe 
  • Not oven safe
  • Due to natural material, please hand with care. It likes to be in a dry place.