Yotsume Dye House - Tenugui Dish Towels


Stencil dyed Tenugui cloth by Toyokazu Ono - a second generation artisan of Katazome company. Tenugui cloth is beautifully dyed with a color gradation.

Discover the meaning behind "Te" and "Nugui" - hand and wipe, combined to create these traditional hand towels cherished in Japan from CE 710 to 794. Embrace your imagination and wear them as a scarf or wrap around your head. Add a touch of creativity to your everyday!

*Each piece is unique due to the hand dyes, making every color slightly different. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Approximate measurements: 13.5"W x 35"L
  • Care instruction: In order to protect the beautiful hand dyed designs on your Tenugui, we recommend doing a solo laundry cycle for the first few washes. The Tenuguis are intentionally left with unfinished edges, which adds to their charm and helps them dry faster when washed by hand. As you continue to wash and use your Tenugui, the edges will naturally fray - adding even more character and uniqueness to your cloth. Just snip off any extra threads to achieve the perfect frayed look.


Toyokazu Ono, a second-generation artisan of Katazome - the traditional Japanese stencil dye. Born and raised in the dying company, Toyokazu developed a deep passion for his ancestral art form. Drawing out the stencil patterns with a pencil and carving them into paper with a knife - each one painstakingly crafted one by one, with the utmost care and attention to detail. After years of training and practice, Toyokazu decided to forge his own path and, in 2015, moved to Oita prefecture in Kyushu Island with his talented ceramicist wife, Miki. And today, the Ono duo creates fusion textile wonders, blending traditional and modern patterns to produce unique one-of-a-kind products.