Yamanokuchi Kiln - "Hako" flower vase, Cube


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"Hako" means box in Japanese. This unique shaped box-like flower vase has a lot of potential to enjoy flower arrangement. It can fit any type of flower arrangement and the best part is even if you are not an expert or familiar with Ikebana, (which I’m not), it will give you new ideas and you can arrange flowers and/or plants in your artistic style. Enjoy creativity!

Each piece is handmade by Yasuo Tsujiguchi in Amakusa, Japan. This tiny hanging vase has a small opening to decorate a tiny flower or plant. 

  • Approximate measurement: 3" x 3" x 3"
  • Material: ceramic
  • Care instruction: hand wash recommended


Born in 1972, Yasuo Tsujiguchi is the third generation of Yamanokuchi Kiln. Before his grandfather started his own kiln,  for decades he was working as a craftsman at one of the legendary ceramic company in Amakusa area. Following his grandfather, Tsujiguchi also started his career at the same ceramic company where his grandfather used to work. After many years of experience as a craftsman at the company, he came back to his own family kiln to take over his family own business.