Straw decoration - Houju

By Takubo


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The Houju is knotted with three *Shimenawa ropes. The Houju is a good luck charm for purification and fulfill wishes. 

(*Shimenawa is the festoon which normally be seen at Japanese shrines and temples. It is believed to protect people from evil spirits and brings you good luck.)

*Read more about Kai-Family.

  • Each item is handmade and may vary slightly
  • Approximate measurement:
    • Overall: 11.8" diameter x 2.7" thickness (thickest part)
    • Handle: 3.9 " long
  • Material: rice straw
  • Care instruction: to clean, gently wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Do not hand wash or make wet.
  • Enjoy it changing color over time. It will turn into yellowish, golden color
  • Due to natural material, please handle with care. It likes to be in dry places.


This family owned business started more than three generations ago. In order to get the materials to create these beautiful decors the family spends a whole year sprouting rice seeds in the early spring.