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Collection: Chikufusha woven company

Oita Prefecture in Japan is renowned for its bamboo production, with Beppu City being especially famous for its hot springs and bamboo crafts. Kenichi Ohtani, born in Saitama Prefecture in 1965, discovered the beauty of bamboo fences while working in the landscaping industry. This led him to become a bamboo craftsman, and he relocated to Oita prefecture to learn the traditional techniques of bamboo crafting. Oita prefecture is the only place in Japan where one can receive professional training in bamboo craft techniques. After training under renowned local craftsmen, Kenichi opened his own studio, Chikufusha, in 2005. Located in a tranquil neighborhood close to a hot spring town, their studio creates various bamboo products, ranging from fruit baskets to art pieces. 

Kenichi humorously points out that bamboo, like humans, cannot always be controlled and must be shaped in the way it naturally wants to go. The bamboo products from Chikufusha offer a smooth and glossy texture that is pleasing to the touch. 

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